Batman Hush DVD - 2019

Bruce? You're actually here. You never come to these things. It's like seeing a unicorn in a $5,000 suit.
Lady Shiva. The League of Assassins has no business here.
-Perhaps we do. The League has been in flux, different factions vying for power.
-And in the chaos, the life-giving power of a Lazarus Pit was exploited by an unknown intruder. I would ask if you know anything of this matter.
You're absolutely insane. He killed your friend. Tried to kill Nightwing. Hell, he almost killed me and you're sorry he's dead?
- I had to try. If someone can be saved, I have to try.
You do, don't you? It's a compulsion. You and your goddamn code. And you'll die because of it, you know this, right? Will that make it all better?
- Without a code, I'm no better than them.
Say it for me, Kitty. Say, "Purrfect."
"The less of me you have, the more I am worth"... what am I? Answer - A Friend.

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