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"RUBBER" the film. "RUBBER" is movie, Right? "RUBBER" is a film about a space alien, WHAT? Is that right, "RUBBER" is a film about a Tire! The starring roles is given to a tire turns! It turns, its roles down the highway and it kills people who try to stop it? I'm not kidding, the film star "a tire". So once you get passed the idea that Hollywood green lite a project called "RUBBER", then made it happen, you can try to get into this movie's plot. Real actors play supportive roles, other actors add a narrative, and still other actors get eliminated by the Tire's super powers that explodes heads. How long does this go on? The movie "Rubber" roles on entire hour and 45 minutes, unflinchingly focused on the movements of it'a main star! This film could be a contender for my newest list, "WORST FILMS EVER MADE!" list and I believe could be in the running for top five worst film ever made...! No joke! (smile) Are there worst movies, yes. But "RUBBER" has it all, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad concept as a movie and it's not understandable when watching it! YES, I could watch it again, and deny that I'm one of those people who would do so, but I'm on a mission, "to find the worse film ever made and bring that list to you...!

Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief
Ghettostone Publications Company

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