Extreme Money
Extreme Money Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk By Das, Satyajit Book - 2011

An excellent book, explaining securtizations, re-securitizations, re-re-re-securitizations, etc., along with credit derivatives scam. I respectifully disagree with the commenter below, though, as Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers have profited handsomely, their actions weren't even remotely "stupid" but criminally self-serving to the max! Das' repetition of the remarks on the Inside Job movie concerning former vice chair of the Federal Reserve (under Alan Greenspan), Fredric Mishkin, and as to how Mishkin has been fully documented as the typical bankster liar, is monumentally important for all to grasp. (FYI note: Alan Greenspan was fired for incompetency when he worked at Chase, and fired by one of the greatest economists in America today, if not the greatest, Prof. Michael Hudson.)

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