"Never" thought I'd say this about a Bond film, but...
What a piece of garbage; from beginning to end.
Produced by a woman and funded by Chinese money, it shows.
The "Bond parts" are still good, but aside from the utter stupidity of the script (again, from beginning to end) and the perfunctory bad guy assassin that has to be killed 5,432, 678 times in the movie (before leaving), here are some of the notable tells:
>'M' is a woman.
>Moneypenny is WAY too good looking & $exy, and much too much of a smarta$$, always one-upping Bond with some quip.
>Other women in the film are also always one-upping a male with some quip.
>Bond's "equal" in the film, is a woman.
>The good guys are the Chinese. (And catch all the little propaganda lines in the film that say how great they are. e.g. "They have the biggest air force in the world!" Please.)
The one thing they did get right, was making the Head Villain a (very) thinly veiled Steve Jobs.
This is Broccoli's daughter's 2nd outing as Producer (Goldeneye being 1st), and the first since he passed away. It shows... That's when Bond started changing, and has declined ever since. Just becoming "super sensitive" & vulnerable wasn't good enough (though I do like Craig as Bond); now, @ 2018, they're talking about making Bond a woman... LOL!

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